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David Kley

Owner, Web Design and Co.

I could go on about how we are the best web design and marketing company in St. Louis (and I can prove it, dollar for dollar vs. ANY proposal from $5k to over $250k). To be honest, you were probably expecting me to say that by visiting this page. It's an easy thing to say.

Honestly, I don't have an interest in explaining why we are the best. If you contact us and schedule a meeting with our team I'll prove it. I'd rather communicate how much we as a company and I as an individual care about your success when you hire us. When you win, we win. It's a mutual exchange of success, as it should be.

Web Design and Company was formed in 2002 on a very simple principle. Give your ALL in your work, and surround yourself with brilliance. People who inspire rather than discourage. Allow people to grow and expand their talents, rather than restrict them with management and "guidelines." A bleeding-edge collective intelligence that is hungry to prove our worth to your business. This has led our company to develop some of the most ground-breaking SEO, Web Design, and Development strategies that exist. Something that is often overlooked and underappreciated in our small town of St Louis. Hiring us is the transition from working with bad marketing companies who only care about your money, and not your success. Who give you templated preconfigured garbage, when you need to stand out. Who promise things they cannot possibly deliver regarding SEO success. Who fail you when you need a marketing mentor. This is when that changes. Get in touch

I look forward to serving you and making your dreams of success become a reality.


Ghost. It's a Halo thing from my gaming years. Yes, I'm old now.


"There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway"

Something no one knows about me

I hate wearing ties. If I could show up wearing jeans and Nikes to every meeting I would. It is my personal belief that people should trust me based on my actions, rather than my appearance. Actions speak louder than appearances. I also don't like to boast when we gain great success for our clients. To me, SEO and design is an art form. One that should be treated with the same respect as a fine painting.

My Skills

  • AdWords
  • Organic Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Google SERP Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website UX and Design
  • Branding and Awareness
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics and Lead Tracking
  • Graphic Design
  • Community Involvement
  • Team Management and Inspiration
  • Leading a Team of the Most Awesome Web People on Earth

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