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Brennan Girdler

Technical Strategy Team

A 2017 addition to Web Design & Company, I fuse free-flowing, analytically-grounded writing to create content that works. I have a background in online journalism, startup marketing, and recently came back from Boston where I pursued a Master's in writing. My experience spans from government marketing to tri-state living magazines, allowing me to direct tone and meaning for just about any industry. I've added HTML, CMS acuity, and MS Paint to my skill set and am attempting to become "that guy" at the office wearing a versatile toolbelt.

In the competitive content and online marketing game, I find it useful to ask, "What needs to be done?" Then say, "I'll figure it out." With skilled colleagues and a smart network of industry know-hows, anything's possible. I spend a lot of time grilling and meal-prepping for one while listening to 19th-century non-fiction audiobooks. It helps I'm a compulsive reader?


B, because there are too many Rs in my name. And I'm honey.


"They mostly come out at night. Mostly." - Aliens, 1986

Something no one knows about me

I can walk you through an absurd amount of Victorian-era exploratory history. Like, polar stuff. And the Americas. Why? 'Cause life today is one big poorly-funded search for something that takes persistence and a well-balanced sledge.

My Skills

  • Organic Marketing
  • HTML5
  • Socal Media
  • Small-Biz Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Analytics
  • Copyediting
  • Community Outreach

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