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Thomas S. George

Technical Strategy Team

Thomas Scott George, (known internally as the man with three first names) is the project lead developer of Web Design and Company's technical staff. Scott has been involved with various forms of coding, and is the current head of our IT and technical department. Scott always looks for new ways to raise the bar, and make life easier for our clients through code and automation.

Thomas Scott was one of the original founders of Web Design and Company, back in 2002 with David Kley. After working for the company for 7 years, Scott went off to pursue a position as an IT specialist for a multinational corporation. Along with IT, Scott is also an instructor at ITT Technical Institute, and the Art Institute of St Louis, as a Faculty Instructor. After being gone for a few years, David Kley invited him back to take lead as head of our technical development and coding department.


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Something no one knows about me

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My Skills

  • Coldfusion
  • Actionscript
  • JavaScript
  • PHP / HTML 5
  • SQL / MySQL
  • Security and Firewall

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