Adam Houston | Web Developer

Adam Houston

Web Developer

I joined the team in 2019 following a successful freelance career. A graphic designer at heart (and by education), I've also been designing and developing Wordpress‑based websites for well over a decade.

While my favorite part of web design—and the part I'm focused on here at WDAC—is the coding/development/build‑out phase, I unfortunately don't have much stereotypical geek in me. I only "read" audiobooks; I (sadly) haven't played video games since 2010 or so; and I prefer pop culture, hip‑hop, and hiking to sci‑fi, comic books, and fantasy.

I'm a proud parent and foster parent, a firm believer in racial equity and social justice, and a craft cocktail aficionado. If you want to get to know my personality well, check out a list of my favorite podcasts.




" You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
  What mood is that?
  Last‑minute panic."   – Calvin and Hobbes

Something no one knows about me

I take great offense if I'm ever referred to, or categorized, as a "millennial." I was born in 1983—I was a teenager before I started using the internet. I instead identify as a member of what Anna Garvey coined "The Oregon Trail Generation."

My Skills

  •   WordPress Development
  •   Responsive Web Design
  •   HTML5
  •   CSS3 & SCSS
  •   Semantic Design
  •   PHP
  •   jQuery
  •   UI/UX Design
  •   Perfectionist
  •   Myers‑Briggs ENTJ
  •   Enneagram 7w8
  •   Dog Whisperer

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