Our competitive advantage.

Web Design and Company doesn't design websites part-time. We don't design websites out of mom's basement. Making your business dominate search results and looking good while doing so is our full-time obsession. Our web design team brings over 30 years of combined web design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing experience to build your brand, and expand your business to new heights.

5 Things you will immediately like about us:

  1. We pick up the phone when you call. Every time.
  2. You have direct access to your assigned team members at all times, and our email response time is generally less than 24 hours.
  3. We really care if you succeed. Seriously. We are addicted to 5-star reviews, and understand that those have to be earned.
  4. We respond to emails. Even on weekends.
  5. We communicate new ideas and findings. A relationship isn't good if one side is doing all the talking. We promote relationships where we both work together to enhance your business. Of course, you can also choose the hands-off approach, and let us loose into the SERP wars on our own. We aren't scared.

All custom designs, no templates.

We provide custom website design and development so that your site does not look like anything else out on the web. Worried if your new website is going to look like your competitor's across town/state? It won't. We design and develop sites in popular CMS's such as Wordpress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more. Whether you are looking to design a beautiful site to impress viewers, or design a marketed site developed to generate leads, we can help.

See before we develop, not after.

We provide full "pixel perfect" mockups of the website design we are creating so that you know what it will look like long before your website is developed. While this can be considered to make your overall proposal more expensive, it also saves you time/money due to fewer revisions and eliminates the "oh no(!)" surprise moments when you first see the developed website since you already know what to expect.

You own your site, not us.

You own full rights to the site that we build you. Host it elsewhere, have another person work on it, modify what we create down the road, etc. The only rights we retain are the intellectual property (IP) rights, that ONLY state you cannot resell or distribute the custom template we build you for profit. That's it. Other than that, have at it.

We are super creative.

We don't see ourselves as normal, and we don't see our clients as normal, or "another one of the same" in an industry. We draw inspiration from everywhere so that your final design or landing page experience is something to appreciate and make your business stand out, ESPECIALLY in competitive markets when we have a higher marketing budget that provides additional design and test time.

We are not stuck in our ways.

While many other marketing companies want to sell you into their "packages", each WDAC Marketing or SEO strategy is developed from the ground up. We don't have "packages", we have online business success plans, tailored to your unique situation and marketing history. If for some reason our initial plan is not working as expected, we think on our feet and develop new strategies to get the results you desire (without you having to tell us to do so).

Our clients are loyal, for good reason.

Due to our excellent customer service, personal attention, and powerful marketing strategies, the vast majority of our clients stay with us for over 3-4 years (and longer). Those that have left seeking a "bigger, better deal" generally returned with 8 months. Within those periods, clients also upgrade the campaign levels and spend, after seeing how our services start working for them.

Our organic results are within one year, not multiple.

Our organic SEO/Marketing campaigns generally show extreme growth and ranking performance within 6-8 months, with higher budget organic campaigns showing results in as little as 3 months. Paid campaigns show results within 1 week, and often show a positive return in 1-2 months. Also....

Our paid campaigns are in the top 5-7% of conversion rates.

We never boast about impressions or clicks in our reports, we look for conversions. Even in competitive markets, our paid campaigns are in the top 5-7 percent in terms of conversions. Why pay for the click or impression if someone isn't doing anything with it?

No "lock you in" contracts. Ever.

While we do require a contract for website design and development projects to protect all parties involved, our SEO services are month to month. We want to earn your trust and your business every month, while showcasing our skills in SEO/marketing. We are not YP, we are not Yelp, we are not the SEO guy down the street hoping you won't discover its all BS. Your business is treated as we treat our own, with skill, respect, and dedication.

Software galore.

We track everything. Need to know ROI from Adwords or Facebook form conversions? Easy. Need to have the phone number swap out on your site to track calls once a campaign reaches your site, and you can attribute those calls to paid traffic or an email campaign? Piece of cake. Need to know how you rank vs. your competitors, and how many keyword rankings and backlinks you have compared to them? Childs play. Want to have this emailed to you on a monthly basis? To be expected.

We can actually develop.

Some companies only provide development services via plugins, pre-built themes, or cumbersome page-builders. Our in-house developers (ranked in the top 10% of PHP developers Nationally) can deliver software and websites that are both easy to edit for end-users, but not bloated with 50 different plugins or add-ons. Don't need a full redesign or development project? We can also edit, expand, or tweak your existing website's functionality, depending on your needs.

Sadly, we aren't the first marketing company that people hire.

We get it, our style and aggressive approach are a bit different. This causes most people to go the "safe route". They go to a website design or marketing company that is full of promises and stock photos of smiling people working on Macbooks. They get a site built (and often overpay for what they get) and get a marketing plan started. They start to feel ripped off, begin to wonder if they made the right decision, needlessly spend thousands of dollars, and begin to seek us out. They find us, start succeeding online and get results that can be tracked and measured. They refer us to other people they are close to in their circle. Because they trust us, and we value their business (and hate to lose).

We're adaptive and hungry.

Online marketing is constantly evolving and we analyze everything we come across to counter and supersede change. From content strategies to link building, to social media, to user experiences, we analyze everything we encounter to capture and evolve every competitive edge. Our eyes are always open for the next big thing, the new strategy, a unique way to create something cool. Our design and SEO strategies get better, every single day.

Local and otherwise.

The majority of our calls are from local businesses that have been ignored by or seriously undervalued by big SEOs and marketers in a different state or country. There's power in a sit-down meeting, face-to-face contact and tactile nature of a true relationship. Additionally, many of our distant clients are referrals from local ones.

Full Service, broad verticals.

We're design and marketing partners with solo small businesses and major international manufacturers. We take each client seriously and give a fair amount of attention to help the big and little guys succeed. No favorites here. We also have partnerships with the best in the industry in regards to direct mail, email marketing, and other additional marketing services. That's what we mean by "full service".

We're not boring.

Seriously, we are not a boring crew. Our ship is sailed by people from extremely diverse creative and professional backgrounds. Not only does this allow our company to approach problems from unique angles, it means we complement our strengths and weaknesses. Ask any question (unrelated to work) and you're going to get dozens of meaningful answers.

Trust is a great thing.

Maybe half of our clients are hands-off, know that we know what we're doing, trust us, get the reports, and will meet every now and then if we have a new idea to help their success. The other half are clients that are constantly monitoring what we send them, call in with questions, and are expecting the most from us 24/7. We enjoy both! The same goes for the level of understanding our clients have of digital marketing and websites we build. It's a mission for us to help clients understand What We're Doing and Why We're Doing It.

We build on an already strong foundation.

We're proud to showcase our builds and marketing campaigns to prospective and existing clients. Why do "this" "that" way? Because it worked, and here's how we can improve upon it for you.

Noteworthy Awards and Details:

  • An active member of the Forbes Agency Council since 2016.
  • Awarded the Future 50 Award for 2016 and 2017. This award recognizes the top 50 fastest growing companies in St. Louis.
  • Awarded Best Marketing company in St Louis for 2017 by St Louis Business Journal.
  • Ranked in the Top 100 Marketing Community members by MOZ, a leading National SEO and Marketing platform.
  • Recognized by multiple leading online publishers as an authority on Local and National SEO.
  • Certified in multiple leading marketing platforms, such as Hootsuite, Facebook, Bing, and Google.

Hiring a Team of True SEO and Marketing Experts

We get it. We know about the phone calls and emails you receive from internet start-ups and unqualified individuals, and the ear and eye-catching marketing garbage they all solicit. Hundreds of factors go into the ranking of your search result ranking. Your site cannot be boiled down to catchy marketing lingo or a landing page full of over-optimized filth.

What does the ampersand mean in our logo? That our company's success is built from you, the businesses we service, and the quality levels we are committed to. AND simply means more, while the "company" in our name means the brillant individuals we surround ourselves with. - David Kley

The truth is: Despite what the emails and callers may tell you, there are no first page guarantees and no quick fixes to the top of Google. Real search engine optimization takes hard work, knowledgeable people, and a killer content strategy. This takes place in visible elements on your site, technical elements hidden in code, and factors not present on your site at all (backlinking and citations). Web Design and Company manages it all. Design, development, social media management, hosting, SEO, PPC, backlinking, copywriting, analytics, blogging, and updates? You got it, and we make it affordable.

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