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Looking for a web design company in St Louis? Web Design and Company has been designing websites for St louis business' for over a decade. Using a mix of graphic and creative elements, combined with responsive technical elements, customers will see the best representation of your St Louis business, from the home page to the contact form. Let's take a moment to explain what makes us different from other web design companies in St Louis.

Responsive Web Design St Louis

Chances are, you get traffic from a lot of places. Currently, mobile search accounts for 50% of all local search queries. Over 60% of those are looking for an immediate local result. Having your site show up consistantly across all devices can be the difference between a client contacting you for services, and clicking the back button. Ever came across a site that was not optimized for mobile or tablets? Ever had to constantly zoom in and out, while swiping all over the screen to find what you were looking for? Then you know what we mean. It's not a pleasent experience, or good for conversion rates.


Each St Louis website design we create is optimized for all platforms, and thoroughly tested in all browsers for compatibility. We want the best of your best representation of your online profile to be presented to your users with every click, tap, or swipe. Honestly.

Dynamic Coding and Web Development

Using a website to complete a task, sign up for services, schedule an appointment or to get information should be FUN and EASY. Most of the webpages nowadays are not designed around truly promoting what the company does, nor optimized around the user experience. Shari Thurow of Marketing Land wrote an excellent article about Measuring Usability in the User Experience. If your visitors hate your site or find it difficult to use they will leave, usually within the first 10 seconds of being there. Ever check the bounce rate in your Google analytics? Look at the on-site time, which is an indicator if people are interacting, or leaving. This leads us into the next part of web design, optimization.

Website Optimization and SEO

Website optimization takes two different forms. The first method of optimizing your site for the web is compression, or simply making sure your site loads fast, and correctly every time it's visited. Users don't want to wait for a site to load, or worse yet, use up a lot of mobile data when visiting your site. Optimizing your site not only helps out load times, it promotes a better user experience. People generally don't remember good web experiences, but they will remember the bad ones, and avoid them like the plague.

Part two of website optimization takes the form of search engine optimization. Having the coolest website in the world doesn't really mean a whole lot if people can't find it. Web Design and Company's St Louis SEO team takes SEO and analytics very seriously. We take joy in seeing you beat your competition, and share the excitement when your site's ranking improves. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization, we have a lot of goodies for you. Head over to that section of the site here.

Websites Designed Around Your Users = RESULTS

We could go on about how we are different, type a bunch of catchy marketing phrases, tell you we are the best web design company in St Louis, and cite examples of dynamic website designs we have completed in the past, but we would rather show you. We carry a genuine interest in your success through the design of your website, and in promoting your company. After all, your success is our success, and our St Louis web design geeks don't like to lose.

Get in touch with us to do a free screenshare meeting, in which we will walk you through every step of both our St Louis SEO services and search engine optimization, and also what makes our St Louis web design company so special. It's free, and can easily be done while you are having your morning coffee. Make the first step, and we will take the rest for you. Contact Web Design and Company at 314-499-8253, or if you are the emailing type, fill out our short form below.

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