St Louis Website Photography

St Louis Website Photography

Professional On-site Website Photography

Web Design and Company offers professional on-site St Louis website photography. Customers get to see the best side of your business through HD images or video. Proper photos can increase conversion rates and make your product brand or services stand out from your competition. With our website photography services, we will show your customers the most accurate depiction of what your business is capable of. Having pictures you took with your iPhone or Android camera cannot duplicate the quality from a professional camera lens, such as the Canon L Series 24-70mm used by our staff on-site. Here are some examples of our St Louis website photography in action. Some images have been resized from their original resolution.

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Supplied Photography Examples


In the images above, it's difficult to tell the quality of the work or the capabilities of the business. The first image has issues with blurring, image stabilization, over and under saturation, etc. The second image isn't doing any better. Let's have a look at some images you might actually want to show on your site.


WDAC Photography


WDAC Photography

In the second set of images, you can clearly see details of the work performed, and the capabilities of the business (in this case a landscaping company) in a real world application. Let's move on to another popular type of website images, product photography.

Present Your Products Accurately

Many of our St Louis photography clients have a large inventory, but did not have a way to represent that on their website. Web Design and Company has a full on-site photography kit, including lighting, light boxes, lenses and more. We take care of all your images, so you don't have to. Photo re-touching and manipulation such as image cropping, color editing, and background removal are included in your costs. You can see some samples of our product photography below, from our on-site photo shoot at The TailGator™ Glove.

Product Photography St Louis

In the first image, it's hard to make out the details and features of the glove. This particular product uses a patented folding beverage pocket, designed to keep your drink securely in place. Due to the poor lighting in the first product photo it becomes hard to see the main feature of the glove in action. If this image was used on the site, potential customers might be turned away due to not being able to see how the glove operates. In the second image, the product photo clearly shows how the glove is used, and the background being removed presents a much more professional appearance. Having the background removed from your images allows them to be placed on virtually any environment, enhancing your brand's image when using in social media marketing.

Company Presentation Photography

Everyone likes to look good, and having your company presented professionally on your website can be crucial for conversion rates. When people come to your website for the first time, you want to put on a good show. Company presentation photography can be what makes someone trust buying your products or allowing you into their home for services. The last thing you want to happen is somebody comes to your "About Us" page, they look for the back or escape button due to poor-quality photos of your business. The images below are from a recent photo shoot at Left Hand Productions in Soulard St Louis.

Getting high quality professional images on your website should not be an option, it should be a requirement. With so much competition in today's markets, making sure your brand, product, or service stands out can be the difference between website visits, and actual customers. To get pricing information on our website photography services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us below.


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