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St Louis Google Analytics Consulting. When it comes to the world of search and web, knowledge is power. By being able to see transparently all the data related to your website or online marketing, we can make this knowledge work for you. Properly being able to decipher web analytics and the data it provides can be a valuable asset to your online marketing campaign. The analytical team at Web Design and Company are what we like to call "data-obsessed", and go over every facet of your website data, always looking for additional opportunities. With a complete knowledge of the web, and highly-trained technical staff, you enjoy all the advantages of an expertly managed analytics account.

The Truth Is In The Details - Understanding Analytics

Web Analytics offers a complete, clear picture of how effective your website is on connecting with your visitors. Web analytics can be used to: measure the effectiveness of website changes, check the conversion rates of a new special or promotion, or to see how successful your PPC campaign is with your audience.

At Web Design and Company, we set up a business login for you to view your web traffic and visitor data, along with personalized monthly reports. We also offer analytics training sessions, (included in Advanced SEO package), so you can see where we have made improvements to your traffic, and conversion rates. See below for a few of the services we offer regarding website analytics:

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Taking the First Step to Better Data

If you are looking to gain valuable insight into how your traffic and conversion rates can be improved, or wanting to measure the effectiveness of a recent SEO audit, contact us today. Our data geeks eagerly await the chance to do what they love most, analyzing the numbers and analytics signals for improvements. Become another one of the Web Design and Company success stories with our web analytics management services.

Want to brush up on the basics before we speak? Check out our SEO Terms and Definitions article. In this publication, you can go over the different terms used in Google Analytics at your own pace, and read a simplified version of different web terms and analytics definitions. Already know the basics and ready to begin improving web data and conversions? Contact us here.

Google Analytics - Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

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