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Digital Marketing for Your St Louis Business

Web Design and Company is a St Louis digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing, social media, mobile marketing and web design and development. We want to enhance the outreach and scope of your business through integrated marketing strategies to drive brand visibility, engage customers and increase ROI. What is really involved in a digital marketing campaign? Knowing how to connect with your target audience and have them complete the desired actions on you site is the goal, but what are the actions required for that to happen? Read on.

Multimedia Design and Marketing

If the content on your site is considered the lifeblood, multimedia is the emotion. Multimedia marketing consists of video, animations, graphic design, and motion being used to excite and interest your viewers. Having a static site works well for communicating information, but not as well for conversions. At the very least, people want to entertained when they come to your site. At the most, people WANT to be given a reason for converting into a customer, and will be looking for that when they visit your site or social platforms.

Making Digital Marketing Work for You

People respond to media in different ways, which is why we don't design all digital marketing campaigns the same. For your marketing campaign to truly be a success, there needs to be a consistant shared message across all platforms. Whether if the platform is paid, organic, or owned, they need to work together. By using consumer studies and insights, in combination with advanced customer targeting, we put your message in the right place, at the right times.

“Your Customers Are Listening in Social Media. And So Are Search Engines” – Li Evans

Video Marketing and SEO

Using video can be a positive conversion factor for visitors. By having videos promote your message, this allows us to put a face or a brand behind your message. Once your videos have been created, the next step is to promote them using video SEO. Web Design and Company gets your videos and multimedia showing in front of your target audience where they are looking for them, when they are looking for them.

Increased Leads and Conversions

At the end of the day if it doesn't make you money, all the branding in the world is pointless. By directly targeting your audience with conversion-focused content and multimedia, we not only get you the visitors, but intelligently encorage them to take the desired actions.

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