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St Louis Conversion Rate Optimization. You may have a great website, that gets a lot of traffic. People may spend minutes, even hours clicking through your pages, engaged in the information you have available. Visitor traffic is good, and so is on-page time, but what if they never buy your products, or hire you for services? Uh oh. Sounds like a job for the Web Design and Company conversion rate optimization team. (Que theme music)

Conversion rate optimization. Well first, what is it? The short version is "the process of modifying your site and content to convert visitor traffic into customers". The long version is a bit wordy, but still worth understanding.

Why Doesn't My Web Traffic Convert Into Sales?

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Websites are often very sales driven but in the wrong ways. A page full of "Click Here!" or the ever-popular "Free Estimate!" will not make your visitor traffic turn into customers. People don't naturally react to ads like that, in fact, they often run from it. Think of the last time you tried to watch a YouTube video, and kept seeing ads pop up when just wanted to relax and browse. The first thing most people do is look for the skip ad button. This is comparable to your website, and the way that you communicate what services or products you offer. There is a natural way to allow people to "convert" into real clients. The word allow is very important to highlight. By properly optimizing your conversion factors, you allow your customer to make the decision on their own, rather than forcing them to do so. Throwing a lot of promotions in their face when they came to your site looking for information isn't going to do it.

You might say "Well, my website doesn't have any of that. In fact, we don't have any pop-ups or overuse of "pick me!" graphics at all." That may be true, but on the opposite hand, do you have any truly compelling reasons on your site why a customer should contact you over a competitor? You might think you do, but the data reveals all, and the data never lies. If you were happy with your conversion rates and knew you were getting the most from your website, you wouldn't be reading this page now would you?

You Are Unique, and Your Customers Should Know it

There may be other companies that do what you do, but they don't do it the same way or have some of the benefits that your company does. The truth is (and the truth shall set you free) there is no standard way to optimize for a conversion for websites. When our conversion rate team looks at your website and data, we look areas that make sense for a consumer to contact you, or for areas where an opportunity makes the most sense. Your business and website is unique, and each site will have it's own set of challenges and hurdles. Being flexible allows us to efficiently and effectively discover all the problem areas of your site.

How We Do It

We Learn About You

The first step to even knowing what to test, is knowing about your business. A careful analysis is done on the positive areas of your site that already produces conversions, along with the negative factors that make people drop out of your site (also known as "exit pages"). By identifying what already works and what doesn't, we can test new ways of clearly communicating the benefits of a customer using your services, while addressing any negative issues.

Testing 1..2..3

After all the data is in place, our next step is to begin testing what we know. The proof is in the pudding, and in this case, the pudding is your analytics and our proprietary keyword tracking tools. We keep detailed logs of what is changing, and the results of the changes being put in place. Any positive data is immediately duplicated in other areas, while any negative data is replaced with a new strategy. Constant monitoring is in place for areas of further improvement and making sure the research and data we have collected is being put to proper use.

Your Report Card is Ready

When the testing and implementation is done, we will carefully review the results, and form a solid conclusion of the positive conversion factors. The strategies that returned a positive result will then be implemented across your entire website, setting the stage for higher conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization is viewed as an ongoing process, as the way people search and interact with your site may change over time. After our initial work is done, we can then study the long-term effects of the changes, and make any changes needed to maintain a positive ROI and conversion rate numbers.


We understand that it can be a lot to digest and understand when you are not involved in the search industry. It's very hard to communicate the problems with your website through a page of text, as each one is unique. Rather than try and sell you on our services with a fancy sales pitch, or confuse you with technical jargon, we recommend getting in touch. During a free consultation session, we will take a look at different areas of your site that can be improved, along with letting you know about strategies we can implement to benefit your conversion rates. 314-499-8253

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