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Web Design and Company in St Louis knows the value of a good graphic design, because we have the data to prove that it works. Graphic design can come in many shapes and forms such as: commercial printing, publication design, multimedia designer, advertising, and illustrations. Knowing when to use what type and style of graphics is paramount when trying to make an impression on your target audience. Let's talk breiefly about graphic design, and the services we can offer your St Louis business.

Commercial Print Designers

Commercial print designers produce graphics that are for or going to be sent to printing companies. These types of designers create graphics designed to be placed on printed products (generally paper media) which can include wedding invitations, flyers, doorhangers, brochures, tickets, posters, and much more. Our St Louis graphic design team have 20 years of combined experience in creative typography, color theory, and layout design to clearly make an impact on who you are trying to impress.

Publication Designers

Publication designers focus on larger scope projects such as magazines, books, newspapers, and even comic books. This can also include cover pages, and inside cover art. This type of designer has a clever eye for typography and font choice, as the amount of content is more extensive. When looking to hire a firm for your publication design, get in touch with our graphics design staff.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia designers, or often called digital media designers, includes video, onsite graphics, effects, motion graphics, and animations. This calls for a careful attention to detail, as the simplest error can cause it to stand out, due to being in motion. This type of graphic design ties in with our video seo services, as we produce commercial-quality videos from your clips or footage. Just like with websites, a great video is useless if no one sees it or it doesn't display in search results.

Advertising Designers

Advertising designers are tasked with understanding the client's or account representatives' ideas. These types of graphic design can be associated with an Adsense campaign such as banner or sidebar ads. (This can also include print media.) Along with creating graphics to generate additional revenue, advertising designers help build your brand identity. Our lead graphics developer comes from a background in digital advertising, and was awarded "American Association of Webmasters Silver Award" along with the "Artspace 2000 Award of Excellence".

Illustrators - Vector Artists

Our graphics illustrators handle the vector based media for all of our clients. These can include logo design, print graphics, screenprinting templates, scalable graphics for large format use, (billboards, banners) and high resolution web graphics.

When you are looking to hire a graphics designer in St Louis, don't go shopping around on Craigslist, looking for freelancers. Joins the ranks of hundreds of clients who have already trusted their branding in the hands of Web Design and Company, a local professional graphics design firm.

Looking for a St Louis graphic design company? Get in touch with a rep today. We want to learn more about your project, and help you with your design needs. Want to learn more about our services? Visit the links below, for some of our services related to graphic design and search engine optimization.

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