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Social Media Marketing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and More!

Web Design and Company offers St Louis social media marketing for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media networks. Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short, is the process of gaining website traffic or brand awareness through the use of social media sites. Sounds easy right? Well, it can be particularly if you are Nike, Apple, or any other brand that is already well established. But what if you are a small to medium sized business, looking to gain exposure and brand mentions? What if you offer a niche product or a service that has strong competition vying for the same likes, follows, and +1's in your service area? Then, successful social media marketing becomes a quite bit more challenging. Web Design and Company in St Louis has over a decade of social media marketing experience in social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others.

St Louis Social Media Marketing Services

Listed below are some of the most common social media marketing services provided by Web Design and Company:

  • Google+ Account Set Up, Design, and Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Account Set Up, Design, and Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter Account Set Up, Design, and Marketing Strategy
  • YouTube Account Set Up, Design, Marketing Strategy and Video Optimization
  • Pinterest Account Set Up, Marketing Strategy and Image Posting
  • LinkedIn Account Set Up, Design, and Marketing Strategy
  • Instagram Social Media Account Set Up, Design, and Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Network Monitoring
  • Reputation Monitoring and Management
  • Social Media Training Courses and Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing Traffic and Referral Analysis

Can Social Media Marketing REALLY Help Me?

Keeping It Real. Real Social.

St Louis Social Media Marketing

Yes it can! Social media marketing (when done properly) can boost your month over month traffic, supplement your analytics, gain new follows for your business and much more. Because of it's nature, social media has become a platform that is easily accessable to anyone with access to the internet. Social media marketing campaigns are centered around an effort to create "share worthy" content either through promotions, or a message that attracts attention. This message is then shared from user to user, and appears to have weight in it's message because of coming from trusted sources.

Social media marketing is essentially driven by the ever-elusive "word of mouth" that SEO companies dream of for clients, and clients dream of for themselves. Hiring the social media marketing team at Web Design and Company in St Louis, can mean the difference between an effective social sharing program, and one where you are always...paying for likes. We would like to discuss what we can do to expand your social media networking, but just so we are on the same page, you can read some of the ways we can improve your exposure and outreach below:

St Louis Social Media Marketing Tips

Treat every social platform like an individual: Creating one post, and marketing it the same way across all platforms rarely works. Each message we create for your social platforms, is tailored to that app's given strengths and weaknesses.

Create unique, brandable content that promotes action: If your message doesn't have any meaning, it won't get very far. Promotional messages, and benefits to the user for sharing are all ways to put some wind in the sails of your social content.

Using every platform's features to the fullest: Example: Using Google Authorship helps users understand who is behind a piece of content, and what influence they have in their industry or topic.

Optimized for mobile, and always connected: We help you set up mobile notifications, so that when a user contacts you about your post, you will know instantly. Most consumers expect to receive a response within one hour of making a request, are you mobile ready? Image Credit:

Keep trying new things! We never give up on your social strategy, and are always trying new and exciting things to get your posts and updates noticed.

We Make Social Media Work for You

Earning Your Social Stripes

First, it's important to understand that word-of-mouth in social media is earned, not given. With the proper message or promotion, you can potentially get your message in front of thousands of people ready to act. Some will read and share, some will convert into consumers and purchase.

When people access information on social media networks, they are normally doing so at their leisure. The message we display when hired to manage your social marketing campaign encourages people to take the desired actions, while keeping your brand at the forefront. Using our proprietary posting schedules, we get your information in front of users when they are the most active on social networks, and most likely to contact or engage in your content. Get in touch to find out how Web Design and Company can increase your social outreach, using social media marketing.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” - Ted Rubin - Leading Social Media Strategist

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