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Local St Louis Internet Marketing. Local business listing. What an exact term. Its local, its a business, and it's listed on Google. Or is it? Chances are, you are visiting this page due to needing local business listing optimization. Web Design and Company has over a decade of experience optimizing local business listings, and getting them showing up in search results. Before we speak and we tell you all the wonderful things we can do to make your listing show up higher in search results, we'd like to take a minute and explain what a business listing is, the differences between them, and how your listing can be optimized.

Google Plus Local Optimization (Formally Google Places)

Google, the holy grail of everything search or internet-related. Google has numerous systems set up to help your local business stand out including Google Plus and Google Business Manager. Combined, these three can be powerful allies in getting your brand to the top of local search queries, if they are optimized correctly.

St Louis Local Business Listing Optimization

Using Google Plus local for displaying your information is a good idea. How much of a good idea? Well, according to MDG Advertising, 59 percent of consumers use Google every month to find a local business. Out of all mobile searches done, 50 percent of those are conducted in the hope of finding a local result. (50% of all mobile!) and 61% of those searches result in a purchase. If you weren't interested before, you should be. Google is at the top of the food chain regarding local searches. Here are a few ways we make sure your Google local profile is optimized correctly:

Removing Duplicate Listings: Contrary to popular belief, duplicate listings don't help. Essentially, your are pitting yourself up against...you guessed it, yourself. Most likely, one of the listings contains inaccurate information, be it a phone number, address, or description. All the click through ratios, reviews, and citations are split between two separate listings, and that's bad for ranking.

Accurate Service Area: Having the right locations listed in your local listing means it knows when to show up for a uesr's query. For example, if your business services St Louis, you should have that area listed in the primary cities that you serve.

Best Category Matching: Selecting the right category can be a difficult task, especially since the list keeps growing. Since you last set up your listing, a new category may have emerged that better fits within your business description.

Optimized Company Description: Your business description is optimized around your target service area. We focus directly on the keywords your target market will be using, rather than providing information that users won't type. Remember, local SEO is quite a bit different than global. Local users won't look for an explanation of services, facilities, or products that set your business apart from competitors. They are simply looking for a business that provides the services they need, often within a very specified area.

Long and Short Tail Optimization: Long and short tail are industry terms used to desribe the amount or words a user types for what they are trying to find. We optimize your local listing around both, and get your listing maximum exposure for whatever users type related to your services and service area.

Third Party Listing Information: Google does not only look at on-site factors to determine a business' rank. Google checks third party sites and citation sites to see if the business is mentioned, the content is a good match, and if the business is reputable.

Bing and Yahoo Local Business Listing Optimization

Bing Local Business Listing Optimization

Why are Bing and Yahoo grouped into the same category? If you didn't already know, Bing owns Yahoo, and their local places listing are setup somewhat alike. See below for some of the ways we can optimize your Yahoo business listing.

Complete Profile Information: As with any listing, if there is a spot for it, we will fill it out. You have the option to add in a lot of information, so why waste it? This information is what visitors are going to use for making a purchase or buying decision.

Engaging in Reviews: Even as the owner of your listing, we won't be able to remove negative reviews. (We can ask that reviews that are inappropriate be removed) However, it is important to reply to reviews, both positive and negative, who have said things about your business. Readers of the reviews like to see that business owners are involved in what they have to say, and that their satisfaction is important.

Show Off your Business: Since we can only add one image with Yahoo Local free listing, we make it a good one. (Paid listing is $9.95 per month, in which case you can add up to 10) We want your vistors to get a feel for your business right from the start, and want to visit your location. Intrigue your visitors, and they will come.

Using Keywords: Yahoo local allows you to use the search bar where you can search for a particular type of business or location. this means Yahoo has a built in search engine. We check the search along with other top-ranking existing listings to see what the proper category and settings are for your business. Your listing is targeted precisely at who will be using your services in everything from your photo captions and listing title, to your business description and services areas.

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