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St Louis Email Marketing Services. Most people view email marketing as old fashioned. With social media taking up all the spotlight, it can be easy to see why people think email marketing is dead. The truth is when combined with a strong content marketing strategy, email marketing can be just as, if not more effective than social media. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with past clients, retain current customers, and gain new traffic. How? By putting your business message directly in touch with your target audience's inbox. Read below to find out more about our St Louis email marketing services.

Isn't Email Marketing Considered Spam?

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Yes, in fact, because a lot of it is. Most of us are all too familiar with spam messages that don't contain any value, products that you didn't ask about, and newsletters you didn't sign up for. Did any of that work? No, of course it didn't. Why? Because there wasn't any value. Companies that set up "email blasts" aimed at improving site traffic really don't understand the value that they hold when contacting a potential client. If a consumer reads a message as spam, the trust factor instantly is removed, and the chance they will contact you for anything goes out the window. After all, no one likes a spam bot.

Web Design and Company St Louis knows email marketing. We create email content that is engaging from subject line, to the thank you message. Our past success stories have helped business' outreach, conversion rates, and word-of-mouth referrals. Please read on to see how Web Design and Company targets your users, and organizes your email campaign.

List Management

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Through separate lists and categories, we target each user base separately. For example, for a lawn care company, we might create 3 separate campaigns for different areas. Landscaping for an area with a larger income base, maintenance for a middle class suburb with larger lawns, and yearly contracts to commercial businesses. This helps to break down the message into very targeted, specific offers. Once a user chooses to "opt-in" we know they are interested in that service, and can market to that client in future promotions specifically about that subject matter. By promoting each offer individually rather than trying to cram it all in one lengthy email, you will see a higher success rate.

Subscriber Maintenance

All email marketing campaigns have to comply with the CAN-SPAM act. The marketing tools used by Web Design and Company are all compliant within the guidelines. Once the opt-in form is complete, your users will be required to click an registration link that confirms their request to be added for future marketing. In addition to this, each marketing email always has an "unsubscribe" link or feature. This not only keeps your marketing program compliant, but also saves you the trouble of having to constantly update your list of contacts.

Targeted Messages

Within our program, we compose data driven, conversion focused content aimed at your subscribers interests. By composing promotions targeted directly within your viewers interests, we have a much higher chance of a user following through with the desired action. We can also send emails to your entire client list in the event of a major general offer.

Tracking Features

One of the nicest features of our email tracking software, is the ability to check the performance of every message sent. We keep track of open rate, click through, and subscriber rate. For exampe, if the initial open rate is low, then we can tweak the subject line to gain additional interest. If we see a low conversion rate, we know that the copy contained within the email was not effective, and did not take hold with users.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Web Design and Company for your email marketing. Get in touch to find out how we can promote your brand through an effective email marketing campaign.

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