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Finding out what keywords you rank for is important. When spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an Internet Marketing campaign, you want to know where you are doing well, and what areas could use some improvement. Using Google analytics and other free software that allows you to see how much traffic your website is receiving is useful, but they are limited in the fact that they cannot show you what keywords your business is ranking for, and where at in a search engine result at any given time. By having Web Design and Company based in St Louis, MO handle all your keyword tracking with our custom software, you receive a real-world report SEO report card, that shows where you rank, and what you are ranking for without having to manually search.


Keyword tracking isn't a hard thing to explain, or to report. The reports we generate are explained in a graphic-based format, showing a updated result of where you rank against your competition. If your business sells home improvement services for example, we can show you were you rank against competitors for keywords like "new windows", "replacement entry doors", or "home exterior siding" specifically in the areas you target.

How Our Keyword Tracking Software Works

Web Design and Company designed our keyword tracking software to be the most effective tool possible, for displaying all relevant information regarding keyword placement, and SEO. Below are some of the features included in our custom tracking software:

Limitless Keyword Tracking: See as many variances of different keywords as you want. For example, for a A/C repair company, we would look at keywords like; a/c repair, a/c replacement, air conditioning units, etc, and include all possible varients.

Local Keyword Results, or Nationwide: We can set up your keyword tracking campaign one of 2 ways; either locally, or nationwide. By tying in all the areas withing your services are, or by using globally ranked keywords, we can accurately determine what keywords need additional SEO, and optimizing.

Always Up To Date: If the results aren't up to date, then they don't really do your company, or our web analytics any good. Keyword tracking reports can be run daily, weekly, or monthly, to track any fluctuation in your web pages for ranking.

Easy To Understand Reports: We wanted our clients to be able to understand what they were looking at, rather that have a confusing text-heavy document that required a masters degree in coding to be able to read. Reports are generated in an icon-driven format, that easily allows you to see what went up in rank, and what still needs improvement. This also allows us to display to our clients the improvements that our ongoing SEO efforts are making.

Always Accessible, Always Private: Our reports are stored in a hidden page of your site, that is only accessible through a private URL. Visitors to your site, and your competition can never access your keyword reports at any time.


Easily Updated: We understand that no company's services or product lineup ever stays the same. Our software allows us to rapidly change what keywords we want to monitor, and how often the report is generated. Add additional products or services to your website? Our report can be updated with all the new keywords and search engine results in under an hour.

To find out more about how Web Design and Company's Keyword Tracking software can help your SEO and Marketing goals, please get in touch for more information.

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