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Video SEO or video optimization can be the most effective way of putting your company or products in front of viewers when uploading videos or promotional films. Videos allow you the ability put your words into motion, creating an immersive and engaging way to deliver your content that traditional print media can't match. When wanting to display your message to your audience, a proper video SEO strategy must be implemented from the beginning to achieve your video marketing goals.

Getting Your Customers Engaged in Your Message

Many different factors contribute to a successful video SEO strategy. Implementing the proper technical aspects ensures your videos get seen by the right people looking for what your business offers, in the right places. Being effective creatively increases the opportunities for converting your video views into real world conversions.

Why Video SEO Matters

YouTube Facts

We figured you might ask that, and we love to be accommodating. Video SEO is one of the most important (and also most misunderstood) forms of online marketing. Videos go beyond the standard focus of keywords, content, or sitemaps. Having a proper video marketing strategy delivers unparalleled ROI considering the costs involved, and the potential outreach to consumers looking for quality products or services. People visually see what you offer, and with our video SEO services, can find it when they perform a related search query. See the list below for some of the ways video SEO can benefit your business:

Increased Conversions: Have compelling video content on your webpages.

Increased Brand Exposure: Broadcast to a large YouTube audience and increase awareness.

Backlink Potential: Produce videos that other sites and sources want to link to.

Increase Web Site Traffic: Increase visits to your site, without giving traffic away to YouTube.

Creating a Proper Balance

For a successful video marketing plan, both elements of creative and technical must be used in conjunction with one another. This ensures your videos are in front of a relevant audience at the right moment, in the right place, and engaging enough to make your viewers complete the desired actions afterward.

At Web Design and Company, we understand both the creative and technical side of video marketing. This scientific approach to video marketing is what has accomplished hundreds of thousands of views for our clients, while keeping conversion rates at the forefront of their video SEO campaign.

Video Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are specific code that is placed around your content and videos to help Google better understand the content on your pages. When this code is put in place, it will help Google to create rich snippet detailed information, to help users when specific queries are typed. Rich snippet markup can drastically help your content stand out from other listings, and increase the click through ratio of your search impressions. See the example of rich snippet markup below.

Rich Snippet Markup

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