Joomla Content Generator Plugin

Before We Begin...

Before getting started, make sure you have the Web Design and Company Content Generator plugin for Joomla. The Free version is available for everyone on our downloads page. Also, make sure you have Joomla installed correctly. If you don't have Joomla, you can download it here.

Step 1

Log into the administration panel of your Joomla installation by adding /administrator/ to the end of the Joomla installation's homepage URL.

Once there, navigate to Extensions >> Manage.

Step 2

Select Choose File and choose the plugin .zip file that you downloaded.

Click "Upload & Install".

Step 3

Next, navigate to Extensions >> Plugins, near the top of the page.

Step 4

Type in content generator into the search bar and then click the search button. This will narrow down the plugins to those that contain "content generator" in their name and make it extremely easy to find the plugin you just installed.

Step 5

Click the link of the plugin shown. Note: the title may be slightly different, depending on which version you purchased.

Step 6

Inside the plugin, on the right, click the "Status", which should currently be set to "Disabled". Select "Enabled" and the option should turn green.

Step 7

Look towards the top, as shown in the picture, and click "Save & Close."

Step 8

Navigate to Content >> Articles >> Add New Article

Step 9

Enter a title and start creating your article in the text area. Use the following example as reference when wanting to enter keywords/phrases to randomize (note, you can also click on the image example to enlarge):

My {? dog|cat|pig} is my {? best friend|friend|nemesis}

When you're finished, click "Save & Close."

Step 10

Navigate to the "Menus" menu item and hover your mouse over one of the menus. The example shown WILL differ from your menus, most likely. Choose whatever menu you wish for this example, and click "Add New Menu Item."

Step 11

Click the "Select" button for the menu item type.

Step 12

Click "Articles" in the pop up.

Once it drops down, select "Single Article."

Step 13

Click "Select" once the option appears on the screen.

Step 14

Choose the article you just created. It should be at the top, but if you can't find it, try searching for it in the search bar to filter results.

Step 15

Click "Save & Close."

Keep note of what you named your menu item (not your article); you'll need the name to view the page.

That's It!

You're finished creating an article with generated content! To view, go to your home page and add a slash (if there isn't one), followed by index.php/ and then enter your article alias, which is MOST LIKELY your menu item title in lowercase with dashes replacing any spaces. An example is below; the bolded text is the menu item alias of my menu item, "Demo Title."

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