eCommerce Web Design and Development St Louis

eCommerce Website Development St Louis

Web Design and Company provides eCommerce and web development in St. Louis to businesses hoping to integrate, improve, and dominate online sales. Allowing site visitors (customers) to purchase products or services through your website is a major turning point for sales opportunities as well as consumer interaction. Combine eCommerce with internet marketing, social media, and quality web design, your website becomes an all-in-one gateway.

St. Louis eCommerce & Web Development

Today's large and small businesses have a serious advantage with eCommerce. The very idea of eCommerce has changed from eBay auctions and online banking to grocery shopping with one-click apps. Convenient? Yes. Overwhelming? Absolutely. Our St. Louis eCommerce and web design company bridges the gap between tech and consumer interaction by providing eCommerce solutions to businesses in St. Louis. Using a solid eCommerce platform such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce does more for your website than you can imagine.

Benefits of an eCommerce Website

More than a shopping cart, enabling eCommerceopens a variety of website marketing opportunities. Let us know if you have any questions about the following ways eCommerce boosts online presence:

  • On-site products and eCommerce pages increase a company's search engine optimization (SEO) options
  • Visitors are likely to spend more time on a site featuring purchasable products and services
  • With experienced web developers, eCommerce naturally scales to a business' objectives
  • Online stores give businesses additional on- and off-line marketing capabilities
  • Potential higher page rankings due to increased page count

Websites, social media, SEO, eCommerce, branding, design, and other elements are meaningless without a solid platform to work from. Web Design & Company meets and exceeds clients' goals by fusing the best with our brightest.

St. Louis eCommerce for Businesses

The "e" before "commerce" is, for many websites, a main thoroughfare for business. Countless DIY-ers and toolshed-startups sell products through popular websites such as Etsy or eBay. More solidified business may even implement eCommerce solutions like Shopify or BigCommerce to streamline transactions directly through their own websites. This is where Web Design and Company steps in to help.

As a St. Louis web design and eCommerce developer, Web Design and Company supports websites, creates content, and directs visitors where you want them. Utilizing CMS's like WordPress and Joomla, we integrate eCommerce that converts visitors into customers. Here are a few of the major eCommerce players on the market we have experience handling for our clients:

Experienced in All Major eCommerce Platforms

WooCommerce eCommerce Development:
Claiming more than 25 percent of all online stores, WooCommerce has become a staple for WordPress websites. This plugin is packed with eCommerce features that allow businesses to showcase products, services, appointment bookings, and other items. Web Design and Company has the experience to seamlessly blend the WooCommerce extension directly into a website or build one from scratch with one goal in mind: To provide your products and services with an easily-accessible outlet for sales that is engaging, efficient, and current.

Magento eCommerce:
Our web development team in St. Louis has seen major results out of Magento, another flexible and reliable eCommerce and hosting service. Magento couples multi-platform integration with scalable shopping options. For small businesses, it's a solid choice that can be adapted in various use cases. With Web Design & Company backing your online marketing through this CMS, your customers will have easy access to your offerings.

BigCommerce Web Development:
More than an online shopping cart, BigCommerce is a sleek eCommerce platform notable for its eBay tie-in and webpage templates. While not the most well-known, BigCommerce does offer a comprehensive toolkit for customization and detailing unseen in competitors. In conjunction with on-page analytics, you can shape what and how your customers see products to maximize sales.

Shopify eCommerce Solutions:
One of the more popular eCommerce solutions, Shopify combines app and site-based sales in one securely-hosted platform. Shopify's templates and services are backed by its usability and, more importantly, the content marketing side of things. A major advantage of Shopify is name recognition, a crucial aspect of digital marketing and eCommerce.

Web Design & Company has built its success on optimization, marketing, and development. We understand the importance eCommerce has on business, whether you're wanting to sell a product here or there or launch a subscription-based service using BigCommerce, Shopify, or other e-tailer. We have the SEO tools and St. Louis web design team to meet your eCommerce goals on every front. Give us a shout to learn more about our services and eCommerce development.