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Junior Web Developer

Web Design and Company is seeking a full-time junior web developer who is comfortable working both as part of a team as well as independently on a multitude of web projects, ranging from full site builds to client edits.

Absolutely Must-Have Skills

We typically build sites in WordPress, using custom themes or a very, very bare-bones starting template, depending on the client. Because of this, there are a few skills you absolutely must have in order to be considered.

  • HTML5: You must be fluent and have a deep understanding of most elements.
  • CSS3: You must be able to write CSS from scratch and you must be fluent.
  • WordPress: Ability to (at minimum) create a child theme from a WordPress theme.
  • Search: Ability to search for answers effectively in order to solve problems quickly via Google, Stack Overflow, etc.
  • PHP: You should be able to understand PHP syntax for the most part, especially where WordPress functions / themes are concerned. Fluency is not required, but you will be expected to modify / debug existing code and eventually write your own.

Highly Wanted Skills

These skills are not strictly required for consideration, but we would really really prefer applicants who know the following.

  • jQuery / JavaScript: You should have a firm understanding of jQuery or JavaScript.
  • Source Control: We use BitBucket and SourceTree for source control in the office, but experience with GitHub or something similar is fine. Command line GIT experience is not needed.
  • cPanel: We use cPanel on a Linux server for most in-house development environments. You should know your way around cPanel and understand how to setup a database, install WordPress, take backups, etc.
  • FTP: We use FTP programs on the daily for uploading to the server, so you need to understand how to use them.
  • Bootstrap / UIKit: All of our full builds use UIKit, which is a framework similar to Bootstrap. Familiarity with UIKit is not assumed, but familiarity with some framework, like Bootstrap, is.
  • The ability to ask for help: Applicants should be comfortable asking for help when they cannot solve a problem on their own. Teamwork is part of what we do.
  • Organization: You’ll likely have multiple projects on your plate in varying stages of completion. The ability to keep repositories up-to-date, keep communication lines open between developers, and check-in with our task management system on the daily is crucial.

Nice To Have Skills

All things being equal, these are the additional skills we would love it if an applicant had.

  • Joomla: A lot of our older clients have Joomla sites, though we don’t tend to build with it anymore. Experience using this CMS is great, but we don’t expect it.
  • SEO Best Practices: As a developer you won’t be expected to be the SEO guru, but knowing the basics of it from a web perspective is very much appreciated.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Working with a team of developers, designers, and copywriters to create, manage, and update clients’ websites.
  • Working with multiple projects at once, both as a team and by yourself.
  • Troubleshooting bugs as they come up.
  • Keeping up with deadlines and managing your time effectively.
  • Staying in contact with clients, answering their questions, taking and logging their requests, and keeping them in the loop.

Job will require the signing of an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to protect Web Design and Company's content strategies. This is a full-time position, with compensation dependent upon experience.

This is a local on-site position only, no remote developers will be considered.