David Kley

Search / Creative / Technical Team Lead - Owner

David Kley formed Web Design and Company in 2002, after graduating highest honors and valedictorian of his class. David was new to the world of SEO and Marketing, although after a short period of time of being exposed to the industry, he saw ways that it could be improved. After hearing stories from clients about getting taken advantage of, not getting results, and having bad experiences with their seo company through ranking factors or communication, he thought of a way to change that. David researched Google... see David Kley's full profile.

Davy Herr

Web Development Team Lead / Design Team Lead

Fluent in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and some other obscure development abbreviations, Davy has over five years of experience as a professional web developer, and handles the more difficult programming tasks and code voodoo with the grace and speed of a dolphin hurtling down a greased-down, ultra-wide bowling lane at 40+ MPH. That’s very fast and graceful, if the metaphor wasn’t clear.....see Davy Herr's full profile.

Cory Gray

Web Development Team

Seasoned web developer and resident DJ, Cory specializes in turning beautifully designed concepts into user-friendly websites. With nearly 10 years experience as a front-end developer his experience also lends way to helping develop processes to ensure that websites are being developed as efficiently as possible. Cory has worked with some of the top-level companies in St. Louis including Purina, Build a Bear, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car....see Cory Gray's full profile.

Evan Kelly

Social Media Team Lead / Content Development

Evan Kelly joined Web Design and Company in 2017. Hired in as a SEO copywriter and social media manager, he quickly became involved in other areas of the business. Evan's love of content, and a strong ability to strategize off of analytical data allowed him to quickly become the team leader of Web Design and Company's content development department. Evan and his team manage the social profiles and citation links for all WDAC clients. Evan is also involved in the monthly client analysis and reporting....see Evan Kelly's full profile.

James Carter

Social Media Team Lead / Citation Management

James Carter comes to Web Design and Company from a background in advertising and sales. Utilizing his skill for direct communication and social media management, James can focus your message and get customers engaged with your product or service. In addition to Social Media, James also leads Web Design and Company's business citation management division. This involves the creation and maintenance of accurate information for our client's citations ....see James Carter's full profile.

Brennan Girdler

Technical Strategy Team / Consulting

The latest member of the Content Team (2017), Brennan Girdler fuses in-depth analytical writing strategies with a free-flowing, readable style. With a long professional background in business lead generation, startup marketing and content journalism, with a tendancy to write in dactyls is bearable enough to find himself useful. His experience includes an internship at the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT), and the Harvard Education Publishing Group (HEPG). Brennan obtained his Master's Degree in Creative Writing from...see Brennan Girdler's full profile.

Thomas Scott George

Technical Strategy Team / Consulting

Thomas Scott George, (known internally as the man with three first names) is the project lead developer of Web Design and Company's technical staff. Scott has been involved with various forms of coding, including high level coding at two fortune 500 companies. Scott always looks for new ways to raise the bar, and make life easier for our clients through coding development and automation...see Thomas Scott George's full profile.