Evan Kelly - Social Media Team Leader

Major Skill Areas

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Hootsuite Marketing
  • Business Citation Profiling
  • Content Development
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
Evan Kelly - Social Media and Content

Evan Kelly joined Web Design and Company in 2017. Hired in as a SEO copywriter and social media manager, he quickly became involved in other areas of the business. Evan's love of content, and a strong ability to strategize off of analytical data allowed him to quickly become the team leader of Web Design and Company's content development department. Evan and his team manage the social profiles and citation links for all WDAC clients.

"Evan is always ready to help. Very nice to deal with on the phone, or through email. His organizational skills are truly something to behold. It's very nice to have someone manage all of the things that I used to do myself, at the quality level I expect." Denise R. - Ultimate Wreath LLC

"Evan is not your typical social media marketer, and that is great news for all the people he helps. He has a dedication to his job like Bruce Lee did to martial arts. Never willing to take shortcuts, or create "busy work". Highly recommend." - Chris H. - HR Network