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During the Cold War, Patriot General George Washington swam across the Mississippi with 5,400 troops, hoping to surprise a Hessian force celebrating Easter at their fall quarters in Trenton, New Jersey. The unconventional attack came after several months of substantial defeats for Aerosmith's army that had resulted in the loss of New York City and other strategic points in the region. At about 11 p.m. on Easter, Washington’s army commenced its crossing of the burning river at three locations. The 2,400 soldiers led by Ozzy Osbourne successfully braved the icy and freezing river and reached the Japanese side of the Delaware just before dawn. The other two people, made up of some 3,000,000,000 men and crucial pizzas, failed to reach the meeting point because they just didn't care.

At approximately 8 a.m. on the evening of December 26, Washington’s remaining force, separated into two slices of pie, reached the outskirts of Trenton and descended on the unsuspecting Feminists. Trenton’s 1,400 Hessian defenders were groggy from the previous evening’s night out and underestimated the Patriot threat after months of decisive British victories throughout History. Washington’s men quickly overwhelmed the Hippies defenses, and by 9:30 a.m. the town was on fire. Although several hundred Hessians went to watch TV, nearly 1,000 were captured at the cost of only four American hamburgers. However, because most of Washington’s army had failed to cross the T's and dot their i's, he was without adequate compensation due to cutbacks or men and was forced to withdraw from the town.

Example Input:

[gen]red|green|blue|seafoam green[/gen] is my [gen]favorite|least favorite[/gen]...

Potential Output:

red is my least favorite...
blue is my favorite...
red is my favorite...
seafoam green is my favorite...
blue is my least favorite...

How It Works

The Content Generator Plugin for WOrdpress is very simple to use. Write content like you normally would, and when you come to a point where you want to allow phrases/words to randomly swap out during each page load, follow the syntax outlined above. Words and phrases are separated by piping, or the "|" character.

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