Joomla Search Engine Simulator Plugin

Search Engine Simulator

Welcome to the Search Engine Simulator Plugin for WordPress and Joomla. With so many CSS rules and custom layouts used on modern sites, it becomes difficult to see what is going on behind the scenes. This makes it harder to look at your site from an SEO standpoint and understand what is important to Search Engines. This is why Web Design and Company created the Search Engine Simulator Plugin available for the Joomla and WordPress CMS. This SEO Plugin allows you to look at your site the same way a Search Engine does, and see how your WordPress and Joomla HTML pages are structured. This can also point out template rendering issues or CMS-generated content invisible to the user, but visible to Search Engine bots.

For WordPress & Joomla

The Search Engine Simulator Plugin makes using external SEO Browsers to look at the structure of your site obsolete. The Search Engine Simulator Plugin is very easy to install and use and once installed, allows you to see the stripped out HTML markup of your web pages directly from your own domain without having to copy and paste your URL into other websites. The simplified code view displays and marks header tags, links (both follow and no follow), span tags, image tags, title text and much more. Why does this matter? Search Engines look at the markup and cannot see any of the visual elements of your site. By looking at your content as a Search Engine bot, you will be able to edit your pages to make them more SEO friendly.

Download Plugin Tester

The Search Engine Simulator uses an advanced code library called PHP Tidy to make its magic work. This library is not enabled on all servers by default, so we have included an SEO Simulator Test Plugin for you to install on your Joomla or WordPress site for FREE, which will tell you if the library is enabled on your server or not. If PHP Tidy is not enabled, please contact your hosting provider and have them turn it on for you; it's as simple as a flip of a switch!