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Metadata Suite

Welcome to the Metadata Suite Plugin for Wordpress and Joomla. The generator and author meta tags are two of the easiest ways to expose a website's CMS. By default, both of these tags are set to display Wordpress and Joomla information. Anyone who views your site, including website scrapers, can see what platform your website is running on. Web Design and Company has developed a free generator tag remover for Wordpress and Joomla, which includes multiple meta tag modifiers that can be utilized to connect your website to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles! Our Metadata Suite not only allows you to remove undesirable features; you're also able to change the generator and author meta tags to anything you'd like!

For WordPress & Joomla

The Metadata Suite Plugin takes on the job of several metadata oriented plugins including removing the generator and author tags, allowing administrators to include an OpenGraph banner for social media posts, and giving administrators the ability to associate an existing Twitter and Facebook page to a specific Wordpress or Joomla site. Web Design and Company's Metadata Suite Plugin is incredibly easy to install and use, as soon as it's installed and activated, it instantly goes to work for you! Revoking access to your generator and author tags protects your Wordpress or Joomla site by putting an end to website scrapers finding out what platform you're running your website on.

Free Generator Tag Remover

The Joomla Metadata Suite and Generator Remover is FREE for anyone to download! Simply select the CMS you're running, sign up for the free version, activate your account, and head to the downloads page to get your copy and make your CMS easier to manage. Be sure to check back here for updates, bug fixes, and expansions to the plugin.