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Joomla Content Generator

Welcome to the Joomla Content Generator Plugin. Creating SEO-friendly content over a large number of Joomla articles can be tough, time consuming, and use enormous amounts of development time. Quality Joomla content creation is difficult to complete, especially on larger websites. With Google's strong focus on quality content, this has become one of the most overlooked area of site development. Over the years, Google has stated that quality content is one of the largest factors in getting your site showing up higher in Search Engine results. Our Joomla Content Generator Plugin makes it easy.

Content Generator Plugin

Web Design and Company has created the Joomla Content Generator Plugin for websites sites using the Joomla CMS. This simple Joomla plugin allows you to quickly and easily rewrite existing content, and get real unique content. You put a lot of effort into creating great content, and it should be easy to replicate that across multiple pages. Since the generator uses your existing Joomla articles and no external plugins or components, there is no risk of Search Engine penalties or blacklisting when used properly. You can even add in your entire Joomla HTML articles and retain header tags, shortcodes, layouts and more!

Download Free Version

We're so confident you will love our Joomla Content Generator Plugin we are offering a free version for a limited time. Try using one of your existing articles or adding in your full HTML article content. With the Joomla Content Generator plugin, creating content has never been so easy.

Choose Version

Joomla Content Generator (free)


  • Up to 2 items per random set
  • Works with articles < 200 words
  • Includes WDAC branding

Joomla Content Generator (pro)


  • Up to 5 items per random set
  • Works with articles < 500 words
  • Branding FREE

Joomla Content Generator (developer)


  • UNLIMITED random sets
  • Works on ALL articles!
  • Set your OWN branding!

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