Content Generator Plugin

Content Generator Plugin

Welcome to the Content Generator Plugin for WordPress and Joomla. Generating content for articles can be tough, time-consuming and use enormous amounts of development time. Content creation is one of the most difficult areas to complete quickly and efficiently. With Search Engine's ever-growing focus on quality content, this has become one of the most powerful and overlooked areas of site development. With our new Content Generator plugin, we make it easy to create content for your WordPress or Joomla website quickly. Our Content Generator uses your existing articles rather than pulling from the web. This means you can create SEO-friendly content without having to worry about Search Engine penalties, Webmaster Tools warnings or future errors.

For WordPress & Joomla

Web Design and Company has created the Content Generator Plugin for the two most popular CMS platforms, Joomla and WordPress. This simple plugin allows you to quickly and easily rewrite existing content, and get real unique content returned. We have coded in the ability to utilize your existing shortcodes (WordPress) or HTML formatting (Joomla) and retain widgets, header tags, shortcodes, layouts and more! Since the generator uses your existing high-quality articles and no external content, plugins or components, there is no risk of Search Engine penalties or blacklisting. This gives you full control over what's generated and what isn't. Not convinced? Download the free version now for a limited time and try it out for yourself risk-free.

Download Free Version

We're so confident you will love this plugin we are offering a free version for a limited time. Try using one of your existing articles, or adding in your full HTML article content including shortcodes or formatting. With our Content Generator Plugin for Joomla and WordPress creating SEO-friendly content has never been so easy.