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Your domain is everything to your website, it wouldn't exist without it. Being able to see the different stats on your site can bring to light potential problem areas, or areas that could be improved. The list we have compiled below is some of the easiest to use tools for checking your domain stats. Oh, and they are free, and free is awesome. Onwards to the list!

WebRankStats Free SEO Tools - PageRank 3

Ok, first thing you will notice about this site is that it is super old school. Lots of animated gifs and flashing images trying to fight for your attention. More importantly, they actually have a domain stats tool that gives some decent info. WebRankStats checks to see your pagerank, alexa rank, keywords, meta description, number of indexed pages, gzip compression (site compression method that improves page load time) and much more. Admittingly not the prettiest site in the world, but their domain stats tool does work fairly well.

SEO Mastering Domain Stats - PageRank 4

With a domain name like "SEO Mastering" how bad can it be? Ok, so the domain name is a little...suggestive but the good news is the basic tool is good. SEO mastering's domain tool gives valuable domain stats like when your domain was registered, (longer domain registrations generally have a bit more weight with search engines) when it expires, if your domain is listed in DMOZ and Trust Directory, and also if your domain has been saved by the Wayback Machine. It gives a good basic overview of your domain details.

Stats.WebMaster - PageRank 1

Okay, so it's only a pagerank of one, so why should you care? The reason is, the domain stats tool is pretty decent (given that this is a free program). Here, you can view information about Alexa ranking, traffic statistics, backlink statistics, web server and IP address info, and income estimate based off of domain stats. It also shows you a Backlink profile from MajesticSEO. This bring us on to the next, and probably best candidate for domain and backlink information.

MajesticSEO Site Explorer - PageRank 5

When it comes to researching domain stats, or URL information, MajesticSEO is the holy grail. Simple to use, and offering valuable information such as referring domains, indexed pages, how many backlinks are in place, and whether or not they are "followed". Having a no-follow rule attached to your backlink means that the link juice is not passed along from the higher ranking site. As a rule of thumb, the most valuable backlinks are always followed, and can provide a benefit to your search engine optimization campaign.

If you found this tool valuable, you may want check out the related links below. Want even more domain stats? offers domain and keyword results, along with DomainTools, and BetterWhoIs. All of these seem to work equally well, so it's really a matter of personal preference. If you need any help sorting through the data, or need a hand boosting the value and importance of your domain, give us a call. We offer a number of services designed around getting your domain to the top of search results.

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