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There Has To Be a Link Between the Two

Having quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. Having a ton of sites link back to you is not enough. When you are analyzing what sites link back to you, quality towers over quantity.

What is a Quality Backlink?

A quality backlink can be described as one that:

Has Proper Anchor Text: This type of backlink links to your site with the actual word or key phrases you are trying to optimize for. A good example for this site would be "St Louis SEO company" as the anchor text in the link, rather than "Web Design and Company".

The Linking Site's Theme Matches Yours: By having the same theme, we don't mean theme as in a Wordpress or Joomla theme, we mean subject matter. Using our site as an example, ideally we would want backlinks from pages or websites dealing with Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Importance of Backlinks

In summary, backlinks are links that are directed at your site. When clicked from an external site, they will direct users to your domain. These are also commonly referred to as "inbound links" or IBL's. The number of backlinks pointing to your site gives a search engine an indication of quality and importance of your website. Having the right backlinks is important because search engines, especially Google, give higher credibility to sites that have a large number of good backlinks, and use that factor to establish ranking when a user types in a search query. Backlinks can also work against you, if they are coming from blackhat or untrusted sources.

Please take a moment to use the backlink analyzing tool below, provided by our friends at WebConfs . This will help you to see what sites link to yours, and how they link.

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If you found this tool valuable, check out the links below for more free SEO tools. Need more SEO goodies? Raven's Link Manager and MOZ's Open Site Explorer both offer a link checking search engine. Ahref's also has a valuable Backlink Checker. These are paid resources for checking inbound and outbound links.

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